The Gemini 3 Group was founded in 2008 by Linda Blakemore (President & CEO) as an EDWOSB. We provide a team of committed, empowered and technically capable professionals to fulfill the mission(s) of our clients in the public and private sector(s). Our business approach is to synergistically apply core competencies, organizational capabilities, and resources to maximize success for our clients. People remain a priority with us; Our Clients, Our People, and Our Partners.

Our Founder

Linda Blakemore
President & CEO

Our Mission

  • G3G delivers high-quality tailored technical, analytical, and management solutions from a valued position of trust.

Our Vision

  • Go Beyond The Ordinary

Our Commitment

  • To provide quality & excellence in all that we do
  • To always maintain the highest ethical standards while performing tasks for our Clients
  • To be a valued partner for all Clients