We Are Seeking Valuable Partners

Partners include both “PRIMES” and “SUB-CONTRACTORS,” to pursue opportunities of mutual benefit. Partnering is a philosophy on how business is managed through the collaborative efforts of the team creating a long-term commitment between all organizations for the purpose of maximizing efficiency and effectiveness to accomplish objectives.

This requires a “shared culture” relationship without regard to organizational boundaries – a relationship based upon trust, dedication and commitment to common goals, an understanding of expectations and values and a full commitment to success. Our benefits from this shared culture include improved communication, efficiency and cost effectiveness, the opportunity for innovation, and continuous improvement of quality products and services.



“I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with The Gemini 3 Group…[they] are a highly-adaptive, client-focused and detail oriented organization that consistently meets and exceeds expectations.”

- A Program Manager

“The Gemini 3 Group is technically proficient in all aspects of their duties and highly effective in solving problems.”

- A Deputy Program Manager

“They [The Gemini 3 Group] are true professionals and display a stellar work ethic. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with them on any future programs.”

- A Deputy Program Manager
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