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the gemini 3 group defense contractor stafford va


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At the Gemini 3 Group, we make it our goal to provide strategic PM solutions and exceptional professional services to our partners and customers. G3G solutions include program schedules, budgets, contracts, deliverables, risk and cost analyses, administration, data management and product and service reviews. G3G takes initiative in delivering proficient and effective services across all our work. • Project and Program Management Services • Cost, Schedule, and Performance Reporting • Systems Engineering • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Services • Financial Management Support • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution Services

systems engineering


Our G3G Team provides engineering support across the DoD and has served as the technical SE lead for major acquisition programs (ACAT I). G3G’s focused team of engineering experts offer in depth analysis, development, and management of requirements along with detailed developmental, operational, and interoperability test support. Engineering also contributes in cradle to grave product support element life cycle management (design interface, tech data, sustaining engineering, & HSI) • Configuration Management • Life Cycle Product Support • System Engineering Plans • Test and Evaluation Master Plans



G3G has extensive experience in IT administration that includes investigating and diagnosing network problems, collecting IT requests, making recommendations for improving the company’s IT systems, and carrying out routine configuration and installation of IT solutions. G3G is also extremely proficient in all levels of SharePoint administration, making its team members highly qualified in website design/development and providing training to personnel. • IT and Site Administration • SharePoint Training, Development & Knowledge Management • Website Design, Development, and Maintenance • Ensuring Information is Safeguarded • IT Help Desk Support Desk (Tier I-III assistance)

product support


G3G identifies, plans, resources, and implements management actions and strategies to sustain and facilitate equipment and systems operations throughout the operational life cycle and service life of the system. Our G3G team provides personnel to maximize training support and develop technical data to effectively operate, maintain, and catalog all required information of the operational system at lowest cost. • Product Support Management • Maintenance Planning and Management • Provide Operational Support • Government Property Transfer



G3G is a proven leader in providing key Supply-Chain Management Services that efficiently integrate suppliers, manufacturers, and warehouses to ensure distribution of products while minimizing system wide costs. Our G3G Team of specialists are experts in supply chain strategy, supply chain planning, asset management, procurement and contracting, and product lifecycle management to determine optimal logistics strategies to satisfy service requirements. • Supply Chain Strategy and Planning • Asset Management • Warehousing Planning, Coordinating and Monitoring Inventory • Shipping and Receiving Operations and Oversight • Procurement and Contracting • Product Lifecycle Management

management consulting


Our G3G Business Services line provides teams of consultants and subject matter experts tailored to our customers’ needs and desires. Each team may represent fields as diverse as project management, finance, business psychology, information technology, human resources, marketing, engineering, and others. We help managers, leaders, and organizations improve their strategies, processes, policies, training, and culture- whatever it takes to maximize their positive impact to people, planet, and profit. • Performance Improvement • Leadership Development • Organizational Change Management • Coaching & Mentoring • Business Process Analysis • Strategy Development • Industrial/Organizational Psychology

financial management


The Gemini 3 Group facilitates tracking acquisition program spend plans, execution of review briefs, and the preparation of program budget formulation to direct, monitor, and organize the monetary resources of an organization. G3G develops and conducts budgets aligned to the elements of the incorporated plan and extensive reviews allow for adaptation and flexibility to plan the next year accordingly. • Financial Planning and Budgeting • Account Reviews • Program Execution Funding Documentation • Track Acquisition Program Spend Plans • Audit Support and Analysis

acquisition support services


Team G3G’s business analysis ensures that data collection and evaluation continue throughout the implementation phase, safeguarding the accountability of teams and projects. G3G acquisition support incorporates the planning and development of effective and affordable strategies to acquire weapons, material, or information systems and efficiently sustain them throughout the products service life while providing: • Acquisition Requirements Support • Administrative Support • Integrated Product Teams (IPT) and Working Group Support • Life-Cycle Cost Estimation • Operational Suitability, Effectiveness, and Safety Studies • Identify and Execute Statutory and Regulatory Requirements • Manage and Monitor Cost, Schedule, and Performance Requirements



The Gemini 3 Group employs a suite of cybersecurity methodologies, while also complying with cybersecurity documentations such as: NIST, CNSS, FIPS, DoD, DON and USMC policies/guidance. In addition to conducting monthly vulnerability assessments there is an annual security review in accordance to the DoDI 8510.01 and CH2 Risk Management Framework.  • Risk Management Framework • Documentation Compliance • Standardization activities such as Agile/hybrid methodologies, DEVSECOPS, MCCAST • Assessment and Authorization (A&A) • Analyze and triage the vulnerabilities identified by APPScan

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